Even while working in an editing-focused position, I have taken opportunities to stretch and continue to grow as a writer and reporter, to learn how to adapt to whatever style a situation requires. I spent my college years learning to write in a traditional news style, and in my current position at RedEye, I’m writing pieces that, while still informative, are more fun and casual. Along the way, I’ve strengthened my skills as an interviewer, learning how to shift questions and questioning styles depending on whether I’m looking for quick facts, longer anecdotes, small revelations of personality or other types of information.

Check out my full bodies of work at RedEye and the Columbia Missourian, or read on for links to my favorite pieces. And for something completely different, visit Cinenoms, the extremely casual food/film blog I started as a class project and continued as a creative outlet while between school and full-time work.

RedEye (June 2015-Present)

Columbia Missourian, January 2011-May 2012