Margaux Henquinet

There are a lot of factors to consider when producing journalism in today’s changing media world, but I believe there’s one that matters above all else, one to keep at the heart of our thinking and decision-making: people. People and their stories, their hopes, their fears, their needs, their desires to be informed about the world around them or to escape it for a little while. Whose stories are we sharing? Whose lives are we making better? Who are our readers or listeners or viewers, and how can we most clearly, effectively and interestingly convey what we want to tell them? And how can we news producers work together and with our communities to make sure everything we do is the best it can be?

I stumbled into the world of journalism as a 12-year-old asked to write about a “Harry Potter” book release party for my dad’s company newsletter and was quickly hooked. Since then, I’ve taken on opportunities to write, edit, design, interview, photograph, record, film, tweet, post, code and more. At the University of Missouri, I earned bachelor’s degrees in journalism and Spanish, followed by a master’s degree in journalism. Along the way, I completed internships in California, Wisconsin and Illinois.

These days, I work for the daily Chicago newspaper RedEye, a sister publication of the Chicago Tribune. Officially, I’m a copy editor, communicating with staff members and working with various resources to ensure that our wide variety of content—news, sports, arts, eat & drink and more—is clear, clean, complete, accurate, consistent and free of any biased language. I also write several times a month, which involves conducting interviews or doing research to contribute content ranging from simple entertainment briefs to movie reviews to longform features about topics that have included urban beekeeping, hair donation, proper sunscreen use and what personality traits you need to go to Mars.

Please visit the pages above to see samples of my work and learn more about my experience. Contact me with any questions or comments at mhenquinet@gmail.com, or by using the form below.