There are a lot of factors to consider when producing content in today’s changing media world, but I believe there’s one that matters above all else, one to keep at the heart of our thinking and decision-making: people. People and their stories, their hopes, their fears, their needs, their desires to be informed about the world around them or to escape it for a little while. Who are we serving? Whose lives are we making better?  Whose stories are we sharing, and with whom? Who are our readers or listeners or viewers, and how can we most clearly, effectively and interestingly convey what we want to tell them? And how can we work with them to make sure everything we do is the best it can be?

I stumbled into the world of journalism at age 12, when I was asked to write about a “Harry Potter” book release party for my dad’s company newsletter and loved the experience. I went from there to the high school paper and then on to the University of Missouri, where I earned bachelor’s degrees in journalism and Spanish, followed by a master’s degree in journalism.

I worked for three wonderful years as a copy editor for the Chicago Tribune and its sister paper RedEye, where I was able to learn and grow not only as an editor but as a writer, too. At the end of Summer 2017, I packed my bags to fulfill a longtime dream: spending a school year as a North American Language and Culture Assistant (aka Auxiliar de Conversación) in Spain, helping primary school students learn English while improving my own Spanish.

Now I’m living in the Washington, DC, metro area, working in communications at a scientific research program where every day brings opportunities to challenge myself and to put my writing, editing, design and social media skills to use in a new way.

Please visit the pages above to see samples of my work and learn more about my experience. Contact me with any questions or comments at mhenquinet@gmail.com, or by using the form below.