Though I enjoy taking on all kinds of roles in offices and newsrooms, and expanding my skill set with all manner of tasks, there’s no denying that at my core I am an editor. Since I was 16, it’s been what I enjoy most, both copy editing and content editing. I love helping to make writing shine.

I’m a careful, detail-orientated editor, with a sharp eye for grammar, style, and consistency, a fierce dedication to accuracy, and a passion for plain language. I’m always watching for racism, sexism, ableism, and other issues.

Editing has also taught me much about communication and diplomacy within the workplace; one of the most important skills for an editor to develop is the ability to ask questions and make corrections without causing anger or harming relationships.

Editors are sometimes the first eyes on a piece of content and sometimes the last. They have to keep an eye on text pieces, photos and their captions, page designs, and other moving parts to make sure a whole product is coherent; they have to track projects and subject matter across days, weeks, months, and years to make sure everything stays consistent.

Editing is a lot of things, and I love all of it.

Editing experience/awards

  • Newspapers: Chicago Tribune, RedEye, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    • Dow Jones News Fund copy editing intern, 2011, The Tribune (San Luis Obispo, Calif.)
  • Scientific manuscripts: Submitted for review, links to come
  • Served as TA for copy editing students at the Missouri School of Journalism
  • American Copy Editors Society scholarship winner, 2012
  • Illinois High School Association State Champion in Copy Editing, 2009

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