For most of my undergraduate career, I focused on one type of journalism: print. In my final semester, and then into graduate school, I branched out by taking courses that taught me the basics of radio, TV and photojournalism, as well as web design and coding. They also taught me how to think critically about using multiple mediums to tell a complete, engaging story. I enjoyed building those new skills sets and hope to continue to do so through web courses and on-the-job training.

Unfortunately, most of my work for those college courses is now gone, lost to servers cleared after graduation, but below are some samples I managed to hold on to. You can find more on the Radio and Photography pages above.

And, for fun, a bit of multimedia work I did at my RedEye position: I used a series of skip links to code a co-worker’s “Which Pixar movie are you?” quiz to be interactive. Enjoy!

  • For my Multimedia Design course, I had to design a website to showcase content produced by other students. The full site is no longer live, but you can view screencaps of it below. This was coded by hand in TextWrangler using HTML and CSS.
  • The final project for Fundamentals of Radio, TV and Photojournalism required me and a partner to spend half the semester producing a full website about one topic. We chose to do our project on the University of Missouri’s Equine Teaching Facility. Work I contributed included:
    • DSLR photography (Find some of my shots on the photography page above)
    • A video about work on the farm, created in FinalCut Pro
    • A multisource and self-voiced audio piece about the types of sounds horses create (mp3 available on request)
  • For the same class, I profiled the baker at my favorite local coffee shop, visiting before dawn to take photos, video and audio. Find some of those DSLR photos on the photography page, and click here to download the script for the video I created.
  • Another assignment for that class required us to report, write, take photos for and post a piece using nothing but our smartphones. I used my iPhone to produce “Collecting provides diversion from ‘crazy world.'”

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